Nuo is a retailer of mobile lifestyle brands that specialize in industry leading carrying cases and accessories for laptops, tablets, travel and many other mobile technology products. We are committed to offering high quality, innovative, highly functional carrying cases with a focus on fashion and style conscious consumers. From our private label eco-friendly messenger bags and protective sleeves to women’s totes and exclusive designer collections for fashionista’s on the go, we have the right bag for you.

We are a new company but have many years of experience designing great bags for many of the biggest brands in the world including a wide variety of custom/OEM cases. In addition to our passion for design, fashion, simplicity and cool stuff, we challenge ourselves, partners and customers daily to create a positive impact on people and the environment through our policies and practices.

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Our Brands

Nuo selects unique products that are innovative, highly functional, and sure to exceed customer expectations.  We offer collections from Project Runway Season 2 winner Chloe Dao, watersports icon Hobie and our own private label collection of eco-friendly messengers and sleeves.

Nuo’s goal is to raise the bar on user experience and overall satisfaction. We look to our environment, customers, the music and fashion industry, industrial designers and creative minds across cultures and the globe to help us create authentic and rewarding, products and customer experiences.

Authentic Products + Inspired Design + Consistent Quality = The Nuo Brand Promise

The Origin of Nuo

The origins of our company name, Nuo, is a form of an ancient Chinese custom, colorful performance and masked drama enacted by a priest or specially trained shamans as a means of exorcism to expel ghosts and bring good luck; it is also a theatrical performance with a presentational aspect, and festival, with the idea of gathering to establish ties and norms between heaven and earth, life and death, man and gods, the ruler and his subjects, a very prominent Chinese cosmological concept. Nuo is also a female Chinese name meaning “graceful”. Considered “spiritual tutors”, professional Nuo performers are believed to be capable of wielding magic power to disperse evil demons, spirits, and pestilence. The whole ritual procedure includes inviting, welcoming, and thanking spirits. Nuo performers wear masks painted with black, white and red in various countenances — some amiable and others ferocious and frightening. Stylistic features and characteristic of the masks vary widely and reveal much about the regions, cultures, and civilizations from which they come. The Nuo masks, as the major vehicles in the ritual to transmit gods’ power and benevolence to man, bear a potent, vivid testament of its link with Chinese ancient culture and its folk arts.

So, like the Nuo culture and performance our goal is to establish a strong connection and a bit of magic with you our customers . Whatever your “mask” (lifestyle, fashion, culture, etc.) may be we promise to build  products, experiences and a business that is simple, elegant and meaningful. And of course, keep away the evil spirits and bring us all a little good luck!

Our Product

Functionality, Integrity, and Style: By deliberately choosing a “different set of core attributes“, Nuo is able to offer unique products at a great value. Regardless of your interests, profession, aspirations or your mobile lifestyle needs, our business is protecting your assets.

Keys to Success

The first rule of retailing; “location, location, location” has given way to a “brand” new rule; Differentiate, Differentiate, Differentiate

  1. The right time, the right place, the right price.
  2. Integrity
  3. Communication
  4. Best Price Practice
  5. Live and breathe market trends
  6. Competitive Strategy in Retailing is About “Being Different”
  7. Deliberately choosing a “Different set of core attributes” to deliver unique value to our customers
  8. Truly Differentiated Products & Services

Environment Values & Responsibility

At Nuo, we are a mobile technology and travel lifestyle company made up of people just like you. We are creative innovators in the field of mobile carrying cases, travel goods and accessories. We believe that being a great company means more than creating great products…this means extending creativity and passion into everything we do.

We care about and are committed to improving social and environmental causes and we will actively encourage, build and partner with our customers to develop initiatives that result in a better world in which we live, work and play. It is a commitment and a lifestyle. We call this program Create . Connect . Protect

Commitment to the Environment
We are committed to rethinking our approach to sustainability by creating better products and services for our customers. There are many small opportunities all around us. Nuo is committed to helping protect people, natural resources and the world in which we live by incorporating green, eco-friendly initiatives across the company and with our external partners. Our commitment to green alternatives and sustainability will encompass product design, packaging, sourcing, operating and manufacturing practices.

In 2008-09 Nuo is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of our suppliers from reduction of packaging, to manufacturing, and raw materials & components so that we can help them implement more sustainable processes. We call this program Eco-Connect.

We are striving to research, develop and implement more eco-friendly materials and processes into our cases . Examples include PVC-free materials, cotton-canvas materials (some organic), use of water-based dyes, 100% and partially recycled polyester, recyclable plastic and nickel-free metal making the production of the bags healthier and less harmful to the environment.