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We have been busy trying to give our customers the best online shopping experience possible. What exactly is new you ask?

First, we are now offering FREE SHIPPING ON ORDER OF $24.99 OR MORE. For he most part, that is free shipping on the entire store.

Second, we are happy to announce our weekly “Deal of the Day” at Savings of up to 75% off retail on designer laptop bags, iPad cases, work satchels, travel bags and backpacks. Be sure to follow us on twitter, ‘like’ us on Facebook to get the most up-to-date information on our sales and events. You can also follow hashtag #laptopbagdeals on twitter.

Lastly, we recently launched our Facebook store. We all know we spend a bit too much time on Facebook (is my boss looking?) so what we thought “hey why not allow our friends to shop directly on our page. The best part for you, automatic savings of 20% by shopping our social store. So what is stopping you?

Stay fashionable friends!


Need to update your business or weekend wardrobe, but don’t have the time to scrutinize yourself in the fitting room mirror? Researchers at PARC are working on putting an end to dressing room indecision. BNET The technology is referred to as a “responsive mirror”. Check out this story and try this new technology on for size.

Retailers are re-evaluating the importance of the dressing room and realizing that this piece of store real-estate is a crucial tool that should be used to drive a customer to sale. Stores are being designed in a way that features the changing-room as the focus of the experience—and added value services are being provided to shoppers as they make their way through their purchase paths.

So Nuo thought we would ask all our friends, Facebook fans and followers of our blog – what would you like to see in the future of dressing rooms? What retailers are doing unique things that you like in terms of the “customer and dressing room experience”? Do you find yourself making purchases more in store or online? What are your ideas about the future of dressing rooms and shopping?